EOSForce Main Network Development Weekly Report No. 76

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    1. 测试合并 EOSIO v1.8.7 后的 EOSC, 重跑区块验证。

    2. 轻节点适配eosio并进行测试, 发布eosio轻节点项目。

    3. 整理Codex.io链创世配置, 重构codexio-go、codexjs符号及链配置设置入口。

    4. 为Codex.io移植eosio-java支持库。


    1. EOSC主网发布2019年技术开发历程,总结了EOSC一年的持续迭代演进。

    2. EOS原力创始人孤矢荣获2019年度区块链杰出人物奖。

    3. EOS原力创始人孤矢在接受碳链价值采访时表示,区块链不是一个风口,也不是一个简单的数据库技术,是一个崭新的时代,再多的重视也不为过。


    本周,开发团队为Codex.io移植了eosio-java支持库。CODEXIOJAVA支持库是面向JAVA开发者的CODEXIO SDK,为JAVA开发者提供与基于CODEXIO的区块链交互的开发工具。通过CODEXIOJAVA,Java开发者可以更高效地获取CODEXIO原生API,进行如创建签名、广播事务、序列化数据等操作。


    1. 合并 EOSIO v2.0.0 版本到 EOSC 2.0.x 测试分支, 测试p2p、块同步以及出块。

    2. 轻节点添加链验证数据的存储。

    3. 重构codexio-go、codexjs符号及链配置设置入口。

    4. 为Codex.io移植eosio-java支持库。


    Work Completed

    1. Tested EOSC merged with EOSIO v1.8.7, replayed block verification

    2. The light node is adapted to eosio and tested, eosio light node project released

    3. Collated genesis configuration in Codex.io chains, reconfigured codexio-go, codexjs symbols and chain configuration settings entry.

    4. Transplanted eosio-java support library for Codex.io.

    Community News

    1. EOSC Mainnet released the technical development history in 2019, summarizing the continuous iterative evolution of EOSC over the past year.

    2. EOSForce Founder Cyborg won Person of The Year 2019 in Blockchain Industry Award.

    3. In an interview with Tanlianjiazhi (碳链价值), EOSForce Founder Cyborg said that blockchain is not an investment vent, nor a simple database technology. It is a brand-new era, and it cannot be taken too seriously.


    This week, the development team ported the eosio-java support library for Codex.io. The CODEXIOJAVA support library is a CODEXIO SDK for Java developers, and provides Java developers with development tools that interact with the CODEXIO-based blockchain. Through CODEXIOJAVA, Java developers can more efficiently obtain CODEXIO native APIs, and perform operations such as creating signatures, broadcasting transactions, and serializing data.

    Next week's plan

    1. Merge EOSIO v2.0.0 to EOSC 2.0.x test branch, test p2p, block synchronization and block producing.

    2. Add storage of chain verification data to light nodes.

    3. Reconfigure codexio-go, codexjs symbols and chain configuration settings entry.

    4. Transplant eosio-java support library for Codex.io.

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