EOSForce Main Network Development Weekly Report No. 75

  • 主网交易总数:227.4 万笔
    主网账户总数:603,851 个
    投 票 人 数 :12396 人
    主网投票数:159,382,291 EOSC



    1. 测试合并 EOSIO v1.8.7 后的 EOSC。

    2. 整理eos-p2p storer接口的实现, 删去不必要的接口。

    3. 实现轻节点block db。

    4. 为Codex.io移植eosjs库, 支持不同的链符号名称与核心token名称。

    5. 整理Codex.io测试用例


    6. EOS原力创始人孤矢参加瓦力哇哩直播访谈第八期活动,以区块链3.0的技术治理之路为主题发表演讲分享。

    7. EOSC原力开发团队代表参加由达瓴智库举行的政务区块链研讨活动,一起探讨区块链在政务领域的应用前景。

    3.超级节点Starteos 推出3D矿池,支持瓜分Starteos超级节点每日EOSC收益。


    本周,开发团队对Codex.IO测试用例进行整理,为接下来的测试工作做好准备,此外,开发团队本周还实现了轻节点Block DB,进一步完善了轻节点功能。


    1. 测试合并 EOSIO v1.8.7 后的 EOSC, 重跑区块验证。

    2. 轻节点添加链验证数据的存储。

    3. 整理Codex.io链创世配置, 重构codexio-go、codexjs符号及链配置设置入口。

    4. 为Codex.io移植eosio-java支持库。


    Work Completed

    1. Tested EOSC merged with EOSIO v1.8.7.

    2. Collated the implementation of eos-p2p storer interface, and deleted the unnecessary interface.

    3. The light node db implemented.

    4. Transplanted eosjs library for Codex.io to support different chain symbol names and core token names.

    5. Collated Codex.io test cases.

    Community News

    1. EOSC founder Cyborg participated in the 8th Waliwali Live Interview and delivered a speech on Technical Governance in Blockchain 3.0.

    2. A representative from EOSC Development Team participated in the blockchain seminar organized by Darling (达瓴智库) for in-depth discussions on the prospects of blockchain applications in the field of government work.

    3. BP Starteos has released a 3D mining pool, supporting to share the daily EOSC revenue of Starteos.


    This week, the development team organized Codex.IO test cases to prepare for the next test work. In addition, the development team also implemented the light node Block DB this week, further improving the light node function.

    Next week's plan

    1. Test EOSC merged with EOSIO v1.8.7,

    2. Add storage of chain verification data to light nodes.

    3. Collate genesis configuration in Codex.io chains, reconfigure codexio-go, codexjs symbols and chain configuration settings entry.

    4. Transplant eosio-java support library for Codex.io.

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