EOSForce Main Network Development Weekly Report No. 70

  • 开发进展

    上周开发团队github 57 次提交。

    1. 完善Codex.io与EOSC交互开发支持.

    2. 设计Codex.fc支持多种哈希算法支持方案

    3. 调研Codex.io基于Golang运行时运行链方案

    4. 实现Codex.io合约账户静态功能, 并调研EOSC对其的适配情况。

    5. 完善Codex.io单元测试。

    6. 完善EOSC 钱包支持, 修正Bug。


    1. EOSC社群第四期社区主题分享活动成功举行,社区成员饥肠辘辘分享《EOSC为实体经济赋能》主题引发社群积极讨论。

    2. EOSC创始人孤矢受邀参加由DappOS主办的《区块链技术发展与应用》主题分享。

    3. EOSC去中心化预算委员会章程确立和发布,将提高委员会的运作效率,推动EOSC社区治理更加高效。

    4.DappBrids团队开发的EOSC生态游戏Go Block目前进入开发阶段,当前该提案向预算系统发起预算申请。

    5.EOSC创始人孤矢接受EOS Summit采访,探讨去中心化预算组织的运营,畅谈2020年区块链的发展愿景。






    1. 合并EOSIO更新到EOSC和Codex.io

    2. 测试EOSIO v2.0.x 分支对EOSC与Codex.io的兼容。

    3. 整理EOSIO v2.0.x 分支P2P协议变化, 修正轻节点同步问题。

    4. 完善Codex.io与EOSC交互开发支持。

    5. 完善Codex.io单元测试。


    Work Completed

    The development team completed 57 submissions on Github.

    1. Improved the support for the interactive development of Codex.io and EOSC.

    2. Designed the support plan for Codex.fc supporting multiple hash algorithms.

    3. Researched the chain-running solution of Codex.io running based on Golang.

    4. Implemented the static declaration feature of the contractual account on Codex.io, and researched the adaptation of EOSC to it.

    5. Improved Codex.io unit test.

    6. Improved the support for EOSC wallet, fixed the bug.

    Community News

    1. The fifth phase of EOSC community theme sharing event was successfully held. The community member Jichanglulu made a sharing of “EOSC Empowers the Real Economy”, sparking positive discussions in the community.

    2. The founder of EOSC Cyborg was invited to participate in the theme sharing of "Development and Application of Blockchain Technology" hosted by DappOS.

    3. Statute of Decentralized Budgeting Committee has been released, which will improve the operational efficiency of the committee and promote a more efficient governance of the EOSC community.

    4. The EOSC Ecological Game Go Black developed by the DappBrids team has entered the development stage and proposed a budget proposal in the budget system.

    5. The founder of EOSC Cyborgt took an interview by EOS Summit to discuss the operation of the decentralized budget organization and talk about the development vision of the blockchain in 2020.

    6. A Thanksgiving online event was held in EOSC English Community, evoking wild enthusiasm in the community.


    This week, the EOSC development team continued to improve CodexIO unit tests, conducted global tests on related features and functions, screened out problems in the system, and improved system stability.

    At the same time, the articles of association of the EOSC Decentralized Budget Committee have been established and released, and the efficiency of the committee's operation will be effectively improved.

    Next week's plan

    1. Merge the update of EOSIO with EOSC and Codex.io.

    2. Test the compatibility of EOSIO v2.0.x branch with EOSC and Codex.io.

    3. Collate the P2P protocol changes of the EOSIO v2.0.x branch, and fix the light node synchronization problem.

    4. Improve the support for the interactive development of Codex.io

    5. Improved the unit test of Codex.io.

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