EOSForce Main Network Development Weekly Report No. 68

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    上周开发团队github 40 次提交。

    1. Codex.io合并eosio 2.0 rc版本。

    2. 调研eosio 2.0.x 新特性在EOSC中的适用程度。

    3. 完善EOSC单元测试, 添加EOSC功能对应的测试用例。

    4. 开发EOSC半节点。

    5. 移植history_tools以适配EOSC。

    6. 调研filecoin项目进度。


    1. EOSC 预算委员会(EDBS-1)第五次会议召开,将组织开展IDE开发教学活动。

    2. 由forcesphere节点发起的BP漏块惩罚多签通过,发起节点和多签节点将分配该节点所有积累罚金。

    3. Coingecko更新EOSC公链项目排名,目前市值排名448名。


    本周,EOSC开发团队调研了EOSIO 2.0.X 的新特性在EOSC中的适用程度,判断哪些新特性适合加到EOSC中。

    本周开发团队还移植了history_tools以适配EOSC。history tools是一个查询历史数据的工具,通过history tools,开发者可以更加高效灵活地完成对EOSC历史数据的查询。


    1. EOSC合并eosio 2.0 rc版本, 测试eosio 2.0.x 新特性在EOSC中的适用程度。

    2. 完善EOSC及Codex.io单元测试。

    3. 整理EOSC文档系统, 完善文档分类和框架。

    4. 基于目前简单版本的EOSC轻节点开发Codex.io区块头验证节点。

    5. 设计并规划Codex.io无Token模式开发方案。

    6. 调研Codex.io支持国密算法开发方案。


    Work Completed

    The development team completed 40 submissions on Github.

    1. Merged eosin 2.0 rc with Codex.io.

    2. Researched the extent to which new features are applicable in EOSC.

    3. Improved support for EOSC unit test, added test cases corresponding to the EOSC function.

    4. Developed EOSC half-node.

    5. Transplanted history_tools to adapt EOSC.

    6. Researched the progress of the filecoin project.

    Community News

    1. The 5th Meeting of EOSC Budgeting Management Committee(EDBS-1) was successfully held, and it will organize IDE development teaching activities.

    2. The multi-sig for BP block-missing penalty proposed by forcesphere node was passed, and the proposer and the multi-sig nodes will allocate all accumulated penalty.

    3. Coingecko updated the ranking of EOSC, currently ranking 448 in market capitalization.


    This week, the EOSC development team investigated the applicability of the new features of EOSIO 2.0.X in EOSC and determined which new features are suitable for adding to EOSC.

    This week the development team also ported history_tools to adapt to EOSC. The history tools is a tool for querying historical data. Through the history tools, developers can query the EOSC historical data more efficiently and flexibly.

    Next week's plan

    1. Merge eosio 2.0 rc to EOSC, test the extent to which new features of eosio 2.0.x are applicable in EOSC.

    2. Improve unit test of EOSC and Codex.io.

    3. Collate EOSC document system, improve document classification and framework.

    4. Develop block header verification node based on the current simple version of the EOSC Light Node.

    5. Design and plan Codex.io no Token mode development solution.

    6. Research the development plan of Codex.io supporting the national secret algorithms.

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