EOSForce Main Network Development Weekly Report No. 67

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    上周开发团队github 21 次提交。

    1. 测试EOSC Token Exchange合约, 根据社区反馈进行优化。

    2. 完善EOSC单元测试, 添加EOSC功能对应的测试用例。

    3. 整理EOSC文档, 添加新特性相关的文档。

    4. 开发EOSC半节点框架: 完成Chain框架设计。

    5. 完善EOSC goeosforce库, 添加新特性支持。

    6. 调研history_tools对EOSC的适配方案。

    7. 调研filecoin项目进度。


    1. 孤矢受邀参加CoinEX上海行活动,探讨CET社区建设,共同推动区块链应用落地。

    2. 孤矢在参加由B-LABS主办的《数组经济时代下的区块链动能论坛》活动上做了《Libra、央行数字货币的格局之争》主题演讲。

    3. EOSC社区举办社群主题分享活动第一期和第三期,社区成员针对当前社群热点话题进行分享和讨论。

    4. EOSC目前已与EOS Tribe和StartEOS达成初步生态以及钱包合作共识。

    5. 超级节点Awake开发EOSC小白开发工具, 方便开发者更好的对开源社区作出贡献。

    6. 原力团队参与filecoin验证,获得早期测试资格。

    7. EOSC创始人孤矢参加抹茶Parallel Cities平行城市活动,并发表广义区块链主题演讲。



    Awake节点团队开发出EOSC Web IDE开发工具,降低EOSC开发者进行智能合约开发的门槛,提高开发效率。


    1. EOSC合并eosio 2.0 rc版本, 调研新特性在EOSC中的适用程度。

    2. 完善EOSC单元测试, 添加EOSC功能对应的测试用例。

    3. 整理EOSC文档, 添加新特性相关的文档。

    4. 继续开发EOSC半节点。

    5. 录制EOSC DAPP开发课程。


    Work Completed

    The development team completed 21 submissions on Github.

    1. Completed EOSC Token Exchange contract, coordinate with the community to start the test.

    2. Completed EOSC Token Exchange data query plugin.

    3. Improved support for EOSC unit test, added test cases corresponding to the EOSC function.

    4. Collated EOSC document, added document related to new features.

    5. Complete the technical document of EOSC’s first sub-chain plan, designed cross-consensus prove mechanism.

    6. Built EOSC half-node framework, tested the performance of EOSC half-node.

    Community News

    1. Cyborg was invited to attend the CoinEx Shanghai Meetup to discuss the construction of CET community and jointly promote the implementation of Blockchain DApps.

    2. Cyborg made a speech of The Aspiration Competition between Libra and DCEP at the Blockchain Kinetics Forum in the Era of Array Economy hosted by B-LABS.

    3. The EOSC community organized the first and third phases of the community theme sharing event, at which community members share and discuss current community hot topics.

    4. EOSC has reached a preliminary ecological and wallet cooperation consensus with EOS Tribe and StartEOS.

    5. The Awake Node developed an EOSC development tool for beginners, which facilitates developers to make contributions to open source community.

    6. The EOSC team participated in the filecoin verification and got an early test qualification.

    7. EOSC founder Osawa participated in the parallel city event of Matcha Parallel Cities and presented a keynote speech on the general blockchain.


    This week, the EOSC development team continued to improve EOSC unit testing and added multiple test cases for EOSC functions. Through the global testing of the existing functions and new functions of EOCS, the new functions are ensured to be safe and reliable, and the operational stability of the main network is improved.

    The Awake node team developed the EOSC Web IDE development tool to reduce the threshold for EOSC developers to develop smart contracts and improve development efficiency.

    Next week's plan

    1. Merge eosio 2.0 rc to EOSC, investigate the extent to which new features are applicable in EOSC.

    2. Improve support for EOSC unit test, add test cases corresponding to the EOSC function.

    3. Collate EOSC document, add document related to new features.

    4. Develop EOSC half-node.

    5. Record the EOSC DAPP development course.

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