EOSForce Main Network Development Weekly Report No. 66

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    上周开发团队github 33 次提交。

    1. 完成EOSC Token Exchange合约, 配合社区开启测试.

    2. 完成EOSC Token Exchange 数据查询插件.

    3. 完善EOSC单元测试, 添加EOSC功能对应的测试用例.

    4. 整理EOSC文档, 添加新特性相关的文档.

    5. 完善EOSC初版子链方案技术文档, 设计跨共识证明机制.

    6. 搭建EOSC半节点框架, 对EOSC半节点进行性能测试.




    1. EOSC英文社区举办万圣节活动,海外用户积极参与,反响热烈。



    EOSC Token Exchange 已完成开发,并已在测试网上进行测试。EOSC Token Exchange合约是EOSC主网上进行交易撮合的合约,通过Token Exchange合约,用户可以实现链上交易,任何开发者/运营商都可以在支付内存费用的基础上创建链上交易对,交易费用由开发者/运营商收取。


    1. 测试EOSC Token Exchange合约, 根据社区反馈进行优化.

    2. 完善EOSC单元测试, 添加EOSC功能对应的测试用例.

    3. 整理EOSC文档, 添加新特性相关的文档.

    4. 开发EOSC半节点框架: 完成Net插件框架, 实现初步的区块数据存储.

    5. 完善EOSC goeosforce库, 添加新特性支持.


    Work Completed

    The development team completed 33 submissions on Github.

    1. Completed EOSC Token Exchange contract, coordinate with the community to start the test.

    2. Completed EOSC Token Exchange data query plugin.

    3. Improved support for EOSC unit test, added test cases corresponding to the EOSC function.

    4. Collated EOSC document, added document related to new features.

    5. Complete the technical document of EOSC’s first sub-chain plan, designed cross-consensus prove mechanism.

    6. Built EOSC half-node framework, tested the performance of EOSC half-node.

    Community News

    1. The EOSC community held the first sharing event on the community themes to share and discuss current hot topics in the community.

    2. The EOSC develop team announced to join the CoinEx Chain pre-election node process, and will conduct a series of in-depth cooperations with CoinEx in cross-chain technology, blockchain virtual machines and privacy computing.

    3. The EOSC English community held a Halloween event, and the overseas users took an active part in it with huge enthusiasm.


    This week, the EOSC development team announced that they will participate in the CoinEx main network node campaign, realize ecological co-construction in the community, and technically carry out in-depth cooperation on multi-chain cross-chain technology, blockchain virtual machine, and privacy computing.

    The EOSC Token Exchange has been developed and tested on the test network. The EOSC Token Exchange contract is a contract for trading on the EOSC main network. Through the Token Exchange contract, users can implement chain transactions. Any developer/operator can create a chain transaction pair based on the payment of memory fees. Charged by the operator/operator.

    Next week's plan

    1. Test EOSC Token Exchange contract, optimize according to the feedback from the community.

    2. Improve support for EOSC unit test, add test cases corresponding to the EOSC function.

    3. Collate EOSC document, add document related to new features.

    4. Develop EOSC half-node framework, complete Net plugin framework, and realize the preliminary block data storage.

    5. Improve the EOSC goeosforce library, add new feature support.

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