About the Modification to Adjust Node Block-Producing Stability Value(关于调整节点出块稳定值参数的修改)

  • According to EOSForce Mainnet Improvement Proposal FIP#7, the block-producing reward matters a great deal to the block-producing stability. And this is why recently some nodes produce blocks normally but only gain little profit. After missing blocks, the stability value will be reset to 1000, while the stability value of other nodes is up to 4800, so there will be a gap of nearly 5 times in block-producing. It is stipulated in the contract that 1 will be added with no block missing within each cycle of 207 blocks. According to this calculation, it takes 27 days to reach the uppermost stability value after the block missing.

    In fact, the deployments of different nodes is different, the stability of different server networks is different, the network itself is not 100% usable, and the stability of the network can’t be controlled by the nodes. Currently, TPS on EOSC mainnet has not reached a certain magnitude. At this stage, the requirement for 27 days is unreasonable. It is proposed to modify the stability value to 2000 to make the profits of the stably block-producing nodes double that of the profits of the block-missing nodes. After the modification, it takes 7 days to reach the uppermost stability value after the block missing.

    根据《EOSFORCE主网改进提案 FIP #7》规定,节点的出块收益跟出块稳定值有很大的关系。这也是最近一些节点反映出块正常,但是收益总是很低的原因。节点出现漏块之后,稳定值stability为重设为1000,而其它节点的稳定值stability最高是4800,所以出块收益就会差了将近5倍。合约中规定每个周期207个块不漏块加1,照这样计算,漏块之后,需要27天才能达到最高的稳定值。


    Proposal time: 2011.10.12

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