New to EOSC and Have Many Questions

  • Hello EOSC'ers,

    I'm new to EOSC and highly curious about EOSC. I would like to know more about this project and perhaps talk about it with someone who might help me understand it better.

    I think the reasoning behind EOSC makes plenty of sense and makes for a logical move to develop EOSC. I just want to understand it better and take part in helping the project grow.

    I am not a code expert. I'm a content developer and podcast host with an unbiased outlook into EOSC.

    I purchased some Force on Kucoin and opened a Math Wallet, I also attempted to create a 1 billion EOSC coin called Omega, but have no idea how to do it or how it works. Personally, I love the idea and reasoning behind EOSC. I just want to fully grasp the potential behind it and because I'm new, I want to see if I can help EOSC grow.

    Please feel free to point out what or how I can take part. Write articles? Do a show about EOSC? Please give me some ideas if you need such things.

    Thank you.

  • I think that as an ordinary member of the community, we can do the following:

    1. Vote and participate in community governance.
    2. Write some articles to introduce EOSForce to the English community.
    3. Pay attention to the dynamics of EOSForce and put forward their own opinions in the community in view of the problems existing in EOSForce. I think that's the most important thing. We need to hear different voices.
      This is my personal opinion. I hope it will help you.

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