EOSForce Main Network Development Weekly Report No. 59

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    上周开发团队github 28 次提交。

    1. 测试EOSC v1.8.0 同步区块兼容性, 修正出现的问题.

    2. 完善 EOSC 快照支持.

    3. 优化EOSC节点惩罚机制, 修正影响性能的设计.

    4. 重构EOSC节点心跳插件.

    5. 整合EOSC的链上配置及feature相关功能.

    6. 为EOSC移植新版eosjs库, 整理js开发文档.

    7. 配合社区启动EOSC测试网, 为之后的新功能更新做准备.

    8. 完善去中心化预算系统前端支持.











    1. 测试EOSC v1.8.0 新功能激活流程, 整理升级步骤文档.

    2. 完善EOSC 测试节点ram状态相关工具.

    3. 测试EOSC 快照支持.

    4. 配合社区在测试网测试去中心化预算系统及其他功能.

    5. 合并EOSC改进到Codex.io


    Work Completed

    The development team completed 28 submissions on Github.

    1.Tested the compatibility of sync blocks on EOSC v1.8.0, fixed the appeared problems.

    2.Improved the support for EOSC snapshot.

    3.Optimized the Node Punishment Mechanism, fixed the design that affects performance.

    4.Reconstructed EOSC node heartbeat plugin.

    5.Integrated the on-chain configuration and feature-related functions of EOSC.

    6.Transplanted a new EOSJS library for EOSC, collated JS development document.

    7.Cooperated with the community to launch EOSC test network, and made preparations for the update of new functions.

    8.Improved the front-end support of the decentralized budget system.

    Community News

    1.KuCoin has distributed all rewards of the Listing Campaign to the winners’ accounts. Winners can check their accounts by going to Assets>My Bonus, and check the Other Rewards.

    2.One-Stop Digital Asset Service Platform CoinAll has successfully run for EOSC mainnet BP.

    3.The Secretariat, the Awake Node and the jiqiX Node launched a fundraising campaign for EOSC listing on Bibox. If the target is reached, the Awake Node will promote EOSC listing on Bibox.

    4.EOSwriter original video production series Heidi Asks invited EOSForce founder Crborg and core developer Fan Yang to discuss everything EOSForce.

    5.The 4th Secretariat announced the Amendment Proposal on FIP#9 proposal, which will be tested on September 9, 2019 (UTC+8), and determined by the result of BP’s multi-signature on the chain.


    This week, the development team cooperated with the community to launch the EOSC test network to prepare for the next series of new features. The node penalty mechanism of EOSC was further optimized and revised this week.

    The decentralized budget system is still under development, and this week began to improve the front-end support of the decentralized budget system.

    Next week's plan

    1.Test the activation process of new functions of EOSC v1.8.0, collate the upgrade procedure document.

    2.Improve the related tools of EOSC testing nodes ram.

    3.Test the support for EOSC snapshot.

    4.Cooperate with the community to test the decentralized budget system and other functions on the test network.

    5.Merge the improvements of EOSC to Codex.io.

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