EOSFORCE Mainnet Improvement Proposal

  • Destroy the frozen and inactive coins in the EOSForce genesis Account

    Sponsor: sky.eosc BP

    In order to better promote the development of the force network and the force community, the force online has been a year old, but there are still a large number of inactive accounts.
    It would be unfair to the community builders and participants if the frozen COINS in these accounts were not destroyed. Early participants in bitcoin also gained value. So for the remaining still not activated users and frozen currency, the original main network should be 23 super nodes according to the rules of the original main network governance, voting on the subsequent distribution of matters. Sky node now suggests to adjust the unactivated force creation account and the frozen currency as follows:

    In order to better promote the development of the EOSForce's mainnet and the EOSForce community, for the remaining users who have not yet activated, the EOSForce mainnet shall be subject to the subsequent allocation of voting by 23 super nodes according to the EOSForce governance rules. The sky.eosc node now proposes to adjust the unactivated Genesis account. The recommendations are as follows:

    Solution: Directly destroy the inactivated eosc account and directly destroy the frozen 80% eosc.
    As the parallel network of EOS ecosystem, EOSFORCE mainnet has its own governance mechanism and resource allocation mode based on EOS system. In the future, it will better serve its own user groups and form a complementary situation with EOS Eco EMLG mainnet. Better serve and prosper the EOS ecosystem.

    The above scheme requires the EOSForce mainnet 23 super nodes to vote.

  • 销毁冻结和未激活EOSForce创世账号内的币






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