• EOSFORCE主网升级公告

    节点将于北京时间2019年7月1日14:30~ 18:00对EOSForce主网进行拓展资源模型升级,为了保证本次升级顺利完成,升级期间将限制转账/投票领取分红等功能。

    EOSFORCE Mainnet Upgrade Announcement

    The nodes will carry out an upgrade of EOSForce mainnet to extend resource models on July 1st, 2019, from 14:30 to 18:00(GTC+8). To ensure the success of upgrade, functions of transferring, voting and getting rewards will be restricted during this period.
    Upgrades include: a new resource model of mortgage-deduction-fee mode and further optimization of system contracts.
    This upgrade will greatly enhance the performance of EOSForce system contract and it will be seamlessly compatible with EOSIO-based DAPPs.
    Please refer to the technical details of this upgrade https://github.com/eosforce/eosforce/tree/voteage_deduction_fee

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