EOSforce entangled inflation proposal

  • Sponsor: sky.eosc

    This proposal proposes:

    Low inflation is not conducive to the economic model of the EOSForce, but opening inflation at will is more detrimental to the Force economy. The sky.eosc node now proposes to adjust the EOSForce inflation, the recommendations are as follows:

    Plan: When the EOSForce is on the new exchange, start inflation. Revert to the previous one block out of 9 eosc.

    As the parallel network of EOS ecosystem, EOSFORCE main network has its own governance mechanism and resource allocation mode based on EOS system. In the future, it will better serve its own user groups and form a complementary situation with EOS Eco EMLG main network. Better serve and prosper the EOS ecosystem.

    The above scheme is only for suggestions and discussion, and it still needs to be voted on by the original main network node. And there is the possibility of failure, the investment operation of the majority of Force users should be based on BP's resolution.


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