EOSForce Mar 2019 Week 4 Development weekly Update

  • Work Completed

    1. Initial release of FORCEIO cross-chain economic model completed

    2. Reconstruction scheme of EOSForce fee model designed

    3. Reconstructed the side-chain relay contract of FORCEIO IBC solution to be independent on specific blockchain

    4. FORCEIO IBC solution side-chain relay contract supported for EOSIO and FORCEIO

    5. Economic model related functions of FORCEIO relay-chain client wallet completed

    6. FORCEIO cross-chain solution improved support for nodes operation, and the testnet built


    1、The EOSForce main network will support the resource mortgage model in the future, and voting fees and other operations may not require a fee. This feature will be implemented in FORCEIO first and will be officially deployed to the EOSForce main network after voting in the EOSForce community.

    2、Since the EOSIO ecosystem has slightly different sister chains such as EOS, EOSForce, FORCEIO, and BOS, in order to facilitate the deployment of the FORCEIO relay contract, the contract can be extracted in different places in the specific deployment implementation, and the relay contract can be more Good transplant.

    3、Through the FORCEIO IBC solution side chain relay contract, cross-chain interworking between the EOS main network and the EOSForce main network will be realized.

    Next week's plan

    1. FORCEIO cross-chain economic model implementation testing

    2. Improve the customization support for FORCEIO.cdt

    3. FORCEIO IBC solution side-chain relay contracts adds channel exception handling mechanism

    4. FORCEIO extends the CPU resource model to support two payment methods: fee and mortgage

    5. Port FORCEIO cross-chain system contract to FORCEIO.cdt implementation


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