Block Producers Multi Signed the EOSFORCE Mainnet Voting System Improvement Scheme

  • EOSFORCE mainnet voting system improvement scheme FIP6 has been officially put into effect on the blockchain on March 18, 2019 Beijing time.
    FIP6 was initiated by the BP EOSMainbp. The specific proposals are as follows:

    1. Votes of the mainnet will enter the voting pool. Support switching votes for other nodes and cancel the 72-hour redemption time limit.
    2. When balance is redeemed from the voting pool, the redemption period is not adjusted.
    3. The age of the votes switched will be calculated from 0.

    FIP6 is designed to facilitate more efficient elections on chains and is supported by more than two-thirds of BPs with multi-signing. When FIP6 takes effect, EOSC holders will no longer be limited by the time of redemption when they switch votes for other nodes.The new versions of Math Wallet/EOSForce Wallet(Desktop verison)/EOSOU Wallet/Awake Wallet have started to support the improvement scheme.

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