EOSForce Mar 2019 Week 2 Development weekly Update

  • Work completed

    1. EOSForce mainnet update completed with the community

    2. FORCEIO Checker node relay function completed

    3. FORCEIO IBC solution improved transaciton contracts based on requirements

    4. EOSForce merged the latest ELMG EOS updates

    5. FORCEIO IBC solution economic model improved

    6. FORCEIO ported CDT development toolset

    7. FORCEIO golang library improved

    8. FORCEIO client command line tools supported transaciton contracts

    9. EOSForce client adds the function of switching voting with no freezing period

    Next week's plan

    1. FORCEIO relay chain economic model implementation design

    2. Improve FORCEIO Checker node implementation

    3. Implement FORCEIO IBC solution sidechain relay contract

    4. FORCEIO Checker node improves support for Docker

    5. Develope FORCEIO relay chain client wallet

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