The initial circulation of EOSC is 1 billion, and 94.6 million EOSC are issued annually to reward 23 BPs. The BlockOne team will be awarded a prize of 100 million EOSC unlocked every 10 years. And it will continue to do so without interruption. According to the proposal of EOSForce mainnet unactivated genesis account lockup plan, on December 20, the unactivated EOSIO genesis account will be locked with 80% of EOSC tokens, and replaced for the same amount of lock tokens. The remaining 20% can be freely used. Token increased annually will be adjusted appropriately according to the existing total amount of EOSC tokens in the mainnet. At present, the number of EOSC locked is 672,390,243, and the remaining is 327,609,757. That is so ambiguous and vague. Pleas explain more detailed and specifically about what is initial circulation and the the remaining is 327,609,757, and 100 million EOSC unlocked every 10 years without interruption