Let scatter immediately recognize your account.

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I see here many had problem with config eosforce on scatter.

Config EOSFORCE net on SCATTER 10.XX

From SCATTER home, go to SETTINGS (top right), then to NETWORK (left, center) and confirm the scatter password.

Then click on the ADD button (next to the network name) and enter info.

Click the icon next to CHAIN ​​ID, if you entered data correctly, the network ID will appear. at this point click on SAVE (has replaced the ADD button) and then BACK TO HOME..

To config your account, FROM SCATTER HOME,  click on the bottom left "Addkey", choose Import Key and then Import as a TEXT. Enter the ACTIVE private key of the account to be configured and scatter will take you to another screen.  Enter (up) name of key and go back. If you want to see which accounts are linked to this key, click on KEY NAME, then on Linked Account (center), and see all account linked with that key. ... from there you can also manage them ...

 NB: If you cannot see your EOSFORCE account, to let SCATTER recognize it, from HERE, Click on ADD ACCOUNT (center near linked account) then chooce EOSFORCE and ADD your account name.. This let scatter immediately recognize your account.

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