Suggestion for action to remedy 80% unlock of genesis accounts

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Alternative proposal to address 80% lockup -

The objectives, reduce supply, grow community, improve perception by using methods that don’t take what is perceived to have been given unless everyone is included.  (Though earlier support should make a reasonable difference.)

Also, the simple the solution, the better....

Proposal -

Unfreeze 100% of tokens for all frozen/hibernating accounts with less than 40000 (adjustable) eosc.

Burn all eosc over 40000 (adjustable) in frozen/hibernating accounts that have over 40000 eosc, unless they stake eosc for 2 (adjustable) years, in which case they may retain up to a maximum of 100000 (adjustable) eosc.

Burn 30% (adjustable) of all active genesis accounts stake that is UNSTAKED.

Burn 10% (adjustable) of all active genesis accounts stake that is STAKED and has been staked for at least 1 month (adjustable.)

Announce a total burn date in one month (adjustable) for all genesis accounts that have had no activity and have not voted.

Summary -

The general idea for this suggestion would be to give more time to enable genesis account holders who are interested and want to participate in eforce to have access to their full stake if it is below a certain threshold.  If the stake is over the threshold, then a lockup period would be required up to a maximum threshold, over which, the tokens are burned.  

Any genesis account that has not claimed and executed a tx before the next deadline will be burned.

Any genesis account that is active will have a percentage burned in order for it to be as fair as possible, including those that have already been supporting eforce, but not including those who have bought their stake.  The difference between the burn rate will depend solely on wether or not the genesis eosc is staked or not.

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  • gpmn 1 Months+
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    Burn is not fair. Think about why us BP do not agree to burn 80% of hibernated coins in that proposal.
  • xuyp 1 Months+
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    I think if someone wants to get involved, the right amount of unlocking is also good, just can't unlock too fast. I propose to issue a kind of unlocking currency, which will issue one million to two million per year. It will give the block BP and the voter. If someone wants to unlock the frozen currency, they will purchase the unlocked coin. After unlocking, the unlocked coin will be destroyed directly. The transaction fee for unlocking coins needs to be set higher.
  • EOS原力 25 Days+
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    1. 对于持仓小于40000(可调整)EOSC的冻结/休眠帐户,解冻100%的EOSC。

    2. 对于持仓超过40000 EOSC的冻结/休眠账户,烧掉所有超过40000(可调整)EOSC的部分,除非他们持有EOSC 2年以上(可调整),在这种情况下,他们最多可以保留100000(可调整)EOSC。

    3. 对于所有激活了的创世帐户,但没有持有EOSC的,销毁30%(可调整)

    4. 对于所有激活了的创世帐户,但持有EOSC至少1个月(可调整)的,销毁10%(可调整)



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