EOSForce Development weekly,the First week of January 2019

EOS原力 1 Months+ 30

Work completed

1. Complate native contract support to the ForceIO.

2. Split system contracts to improve the robustness of the ForceIO system.

3. Improve the EOSForce multi-signature feature support.

4. Refactor the implementation of the ForceIO fee.

5. Refactor the implementation of the ForceIO BP dividend mechanism.

6. Design the ForceIO BP state heartbeat synchronization scheme.

Next week's plan

1. ForceIO support in the EMLG EOS resource model.

2. ForceIO support in the free resource model.

3. Improve the solution to the EOSIO system multi-chain cross-chain implementation.

4. Organize the documentation of ForceIO customization.

5. Improve the ForceIO wallet support solution.

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