EOSphere joins EOSForce Mainnet as Block Producer

JC1355 1 Months+ 33

EOSphere joins.jpg

EOSPhere has joined EOSForce Mainnet as block producer! Being among the most value-adding communities in EOSIO, it has played a vital role in bringing together gloal EOS communities and creating great exchanges in tech and community-building. By joining the EOSForce Mainnet, EOSphere has further distinguished itself with forward thinking in terms of building a truly global blockchain ecosystem.

By having EOSphere in its Block Producer community, EOSForce will be able to reach a larger global community of users, developers, and enthusiasts that can utilize the tech expertise the team boasts. Aiming to build a multichain network of blockchians with intercommunications, EOSForce is leading the blockchain industry in building a mass adoptable ecosystem that connects applications and chains together. 


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