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Special thanks to James from Scatter for his assistance on this update.

Step ONE:

Visit Scatter official website (https://get-scatter.com/) & download Scatter.

Step TWO:Enter the Scatter application interface

After you complete the wallet password and initial setup, you will be on the page below. Click “Add Keys”.

Click “Create Keys”.

Click on “Back” on the top left corner to get back to the Scatter main page.

Step THREE: Set up the EOSForce Mainnet network

Click the settings icon on the top right corner.

Click “Networks”. Enter the network setup after password verification.

On the “Known Network” menu, drop down menue and chooseEOSForce Mainnet, and click Add to add it to your network.

On the notification of “Network Saved”, new network setup is successful.

Step FOUR: import EOSForce Mainnet private key

Head back to Scatter main page and click “Add keys”.

Click “Import Key”.

Click “Text”.

Enter EOSForce Mainnet private key (unactivated account can enter the EOS genesis private key).

The above page means that you have successfully set up EOSForce Mainnet on Scatter and you can access EOSForce through Scatter on the EOSC/EOSForce supported sites.

Contact EOSForce

Twitter | English Telegram | Reddit | Github |Korean Telegram

EOSForce blockchain explorer: https://explorer.eosforce.io/#/en


  • EOSC token is distributed in accordance with the EOS genesis mapping. You can activate your EOSForce genesis account here.
    Scatter 10 has minor compatibility issues with EOSForce blockchain. Join the Telegram Channel here: https://t.me/Scatter. Visit the Scatter website at: https://get-scatter.com/

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